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Dohiker 1534 Multi-function Folding Shovel Black

Features: 1. The shovel used alloy steel material, high temperature nitriding, hardness index up to 40-45. 2. Alloy steel sharp saw, can saw wooden, plastic,etc. convenient and efficient. 3. Multi-functional pick axe,support shovel, dig, plane, cut, pry the nails. 4. Fish phosphorus knife: high quality steel material, can peel animal skins, scale fish phosphorus, cut the rope, etc. 5. Fantastic whistle: high quality steel whistle, signals can be transmitted outdoors. 6. Magnesium rod: 4.5cm magnesium rod, easy to make fire, help you cook a hearty meal out doors. 7. Emergency use: it can break glass, digging and even helps you when your car trapped into the soil. 8. With a short handle and sharp shovel blade, it will be a good kitchen knife, with a long handle, you can used it to cut the thick branches; 9. Alloy steel material adjust screw rod: strong and durable, support 45,90,180 angle adjustment, easy to pull out the nails or wire; 10. Adjustable handle size: you can adjust the handle in 3 different length 24.8inch, 18.5inch, 13.38inch. 11. Bottle opener: with this function, you can open the beer at anytime Specification: Brand: DOHiKER Model: 1534 Function:emergency hammer, fire starter, bearing Screw, knife, fish phosphorus knife, shovel, hoe, pick, bottle opener, rope cutter, saw, whistle, chopper Shovel baord material:alloy steel Handle Material:SPCC chrome stainless steel rubber non-slip handle Surface Treatment: surface oxidation rust prevention technique HRC hardness: 40-45 Shovel board size: 14*11*0.18cm Thickness of Shovel: 0.18cm Knife size: 8.5cm Assembly size: 63/47/34cm(24.8inch,18.5inch,13.38inch) receive size: 20*13.5*6cm Feature: Exploring, Camping, Traveling, Hiking, Driving Emergent Tools Product size: 63x14x4cm Product weight: 0.865KG Packing size: 19.5*13.5*8cm Packing weight: 0.96KG

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